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SARMs are a significant improvement over steroids due to their lack of side effects, and their ability to target specific muscles instead of the whole body.

Elevate your workouts, push past your limits & achieve the success you’ve always dreamt of with SarmNation SARMs.

Why choose SarmNation?

The different types of Core SARMs


SarmNation Vascular MK2866 product

Ostarine is seen as one of the safest and mildest options among SARMs, due to the many human trials which it has gone through, which has helped to build confidence in it and make it the most popular choice.


  • Improves Lean Muscle Mass
  • Heightens Muscle And Bone Strength
  • Improves Lipid Profile
  • Boosts Fat Loss
  • Can potentially cure diabetes


SarmNation Pump product

S23 is the most potent SARM currently available, and has been found to result in infertility, which is a benefit for those seeking a contraceptive.


  • Improves Lean Muscle Mass
  • Improves Bone Mineral Density
  • Boosts Fat Loss
  • Can potentially increase female libido

Ligandrol LGD 4033

SarmNation Extreme Physique product

LGD-4033, also known as Ligandrol or VK5211 is a non-steroidal SARM which has very high affinity and bio-availability, which makes it an excellent option for oral consumption.


  • Improves Lean Muscle Mass
  • Boosts Strength
  • Heightens libido
  • Improves general cognition
  • Improves recovery times

Stenabolic SR9009 + SR9011

SarmNation Shred product + Shred 2.0

SR9009 increases the amount of mitochondria in our muscles, to boost endurance and power our muscles.


  • Improves Lipid Profile
  • Boosts Fat Loss
  • Heightened endurance

Ibutamoren MK677

SarmNation Growth product

Ibutamoren triggers growth hormones in our bodies by emulating ghrelin and binding to the GHS-R found in our brains.


  • Increases Muscle Mass
  • Improves REM Sleep
  • Boosts Fat Loss


SarmNation Size On product

YK11 is another potent option and is even classified as both a SARM and a steroid.


  • Increases Muscle Mass
  • Increases Bone Growth
  • Improves Libido and Sexual Drive
  • Increases Strength

Testolone RAD140 + RAD150

SarmNation Testolone product + Testolone 2.0

RAD 140 is seen as the SARM which offers the best dry gains for bodybuilders.


  • Boosts Strength and Muscle Mass
  • Improves Fat Loss
  • Reduces size of prostate
  • Improves Vascularity

S4 Andarine

SarmNation Tone product

S4, also called Andarine is one of the SARMS that has gained popularity as an endurance booster. Andarine allows you to increase your total workload in the gym. You can perform cardio for longer and increase reps. Recovery is also better when using Andarine.


  • Increased muscle retention while dieting

  • Increased lean muscle mass

  • Can be stacked

  • One of the better options for females

  • Increased bone strength


SarmNation Volume product

ACP-105 was initially developed to treat degenerative bone disorders. It was used for arthritis and osteoporosis. It was designed to offer a safer alternative to anabolic androgen steroids and pro-hormones. This SARM works in a similar way that testosterone does, by binding onto each androgen receptor and work to reduce lipoproteins in the body while building mass that enables muscle growth, all with aiming to reduce any damage within the body.


  • Enhanced strength
  • Accelerated muscle growth
  • Enhanced bone strength and density
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Speeds up recovery time


SarmNation Fat Blaster product

GW0742 is not a new SARM on the market but has been developed as a slightly tweaked version of traditional Cardarine. Like Cardarine, GW0742 Fat Blaster belongs to a class of PPAR delta agonists.

When we look at the chemical structure of GW0742, we can see that there is only a small difference in one atom between the two compounds. This tells us that GW0742 might not be that much different from Cardarine and that their effects may in fact be similar. GW0742 has been rumoured to however extend the patent GlaxoSmithKline has on Cardarine.


  • Can lower cholesterol

  • Reduces inflammation in the gut

  • Improves lipid profile

All you need to know about SARMs

What is stacking?

Stacking is for athletes looking to make significant progress while training, running a SARMs stack is the most effective method. Stacking involves adding several compounds together to yield the best results, some of which include accelerated muscle growth, faster recovery times and increased endurance.

What are cycles?

Every SARMs cycle is different, with various types of delivery methods, as well as varying concentrations and strengths. That said, every SARMs user sticks to a dosage range. In general, most compound dosages range from 5mg to 30mg per dose. Be aware that some SARMs have more powerful effects, even at lower doses. So always start low to assess your response and increase (in 5mg) as necessary. Women should be incredibly mindful of keeping to the absolute minimum when starting out with SARMs dosages.

What is PCT?

Post cycle therapy, also known as PCT, is a specific protocol that is followed after a cycle of performance-enhancing products. This process helps to recover the users’ hormone levels.

What is a PPAR?

In a nutshell PPAR is different to regular SARMs:

  • PPAR possess no anabolic activity and do no bind to the androgen receptor.
  • PPAR agonists do not suppress HPTA or effect testosterone production in any way.
  • PPAR increases endurance but carries no stimulant nature so they will not affect sleep or cortisol levels.
What is the most powerful SARM on the market?

YK-11 – SarmNation Size On
YK-11 bridges the gap between SARMs and Prohormones. An incredibly strong SARM, always use with comprehensive cycle support and keep duration of use as short as possible. 

Customer satisfaction that’s ahead of the competition

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